Music and decoration for

events and weddings

What we offer?

Jazz, the best pop of all time, film soundtracks, bossa nova or classical music are some of the styles to choose from to accompany and set the laidback atmosphere of the event. The best music in the sea of candles that will shape the stage, surround and light the musicians.

Why choosing Tu Boda con Velas?

Create the mood of your wedding or event in a different way with some of the best jazz groups, as well as pianists and string groups, pop singers, soul or sopranos… Formations of all styles ranging from duets or solo piano to huge groups such as the String Camerata with choir and soloists specially designed for the most spectacular ceremonies. We offer all this options with live music and magical atmosphere thanks to candlelights and different decorations

Unique atmosphere and quality music

How do we do it?

Image and sound, we take care of every detail
We study each location to arrange the performance in the best place, to design the aesthetics and every detail of the stage and to organize the logistics.
In addition, we take care of insonation of the event depending on the space and number of attendees so that the final result would be perfect

The candlelight…

We create fabulous scenery thanks to the light effect of almost 1000 LED candles.
A project designed to capture the listener’s attention through this fusion between decoration and the different musical proposals of Tu Boda con Velas.

Grand piano

An extra option that combines superior sound quality with an elegant and impressive image.
An especially interesting proposal when you are located in unusual environments for instruments of the size of the grand piano. In addition the floral decoration will be the ideal emphasis for any wedding or corporate event.

Musicians agency

We help our clients to make a choice based on the music they are looking for and their preferences for specific instruments, bands or types of vocalists.
Guaranteed artistic quality with different price ranges depending on the group and the decoration, always being able to choose between the version with and without decoration of any of our groups.

Design Your Pack

At Tu Boda con Velas we offer the possibility of including the LED candle to any of the group and adding the grand piano with or without floral decoration in all the options that have a piano